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NY Smart Start Camp 2022

Our weekly thematic camp offers a unique opportunity for children to enjoy a spectrum of academics through a fun-filled interactive camp program. Each week, students will enjoy hands-on activities, as well as trips specific to the weekly theme.

Each day in our camp provides outdoor play, free play, and home-cooked lunch.

Our camp is open to students in Pre-K thru 9th grade. Lessons will be varied according to children’s age and abilities. On days of outside school activities for older students, younger children will have an option of remaining in school and enjoying a day of activity-inspired lessons.

Week 1: Geography Week

Learn about different countries, customs cultures, and savor fun flavors of different places of the world.

During Geography Week, each day will be dedicated to new discoveries, history, and geography of the region.

Our campers will have a unique opportunity to complete different cultural- themed activities, new dances, customs of each of the countries.

Geography Week activities will be incorporated with exercises in map making and outdoor geo-challenges. Attendees will participate in the ancient craft of cartography, build digital interactive maps to share with the world, and conduct campus treasure hunts with GPS-enabled mobile devices.

Trip: Cartography Workshop
Dates: July 5-8

Week 2: Drama Week

During Drama Week, you can immerse yourself and flourish with your theatrical skills and knowledge of our instructors who love to entertain. The purpose of this week is to engage students in the world of theater, teach them how to act, and feel comfortable in front of an audience.

Trip: Theater Performance

Dates: July 11-15

Week 3 Movies/ Cultural Week

Learn about world famous movies, music, and art.

Art and Culture Week will help children understand art in all shapes and forms. Mathematics lessons will focus on geometrical shapes, also known as, Kandinsky art form. History lessons will teach children about famous artists and their accomplishments.

Campers will learn about classical movies, famous cinematographers, etc.

Trip: Movies

Dates: July 18-22

Week 4: Olympics Week

Olympics Week is dedicated to teaching children about an active lifestyle.

Science lessons will challenge children to make their own obstacle course.

History lessons will incorporate the beginning of Mount Olympus, teaching children how it all started.

Literature lessons will focus on Greek Mythology.

Math lessons will focus on problem-solving, reading directions, and following each step to get to an answer.

Music lessons will focus on the National Anthems of countries that participate in the Olympics.

Trip: Sports Museum

Dates: July 25-29

Week 5: Debate Week

Learn about the power of voice and debate.

Debate Week teaches the fundamentals of public speaking and debate, enabling elementary and middle school students to develop core presentation and debating skills that boost confidence and self-esteem. Our debate week offers students the chance to improve their debate skills in a challenging, safe and secure environment that’s suited to each child’s age and experience level.

Trip: United Nations

Dates: August 1-5

Week 6: Entrepreneurial Week

Engage your inner entrepreneurial spirit in Shark Tank inspired week
If your child loves Shark Tank, has a business savvy spirit- this weekly camp might be right up his/her alley.

Just like the show, entrepreneurial camp week focuses on teaching kids business skills and include guest appearances of entrepreneurs who act as mentors.

This week will allow kids to learn the ropes from actual entrepreneurs and see what it’s like to start a business.

Best of all, it will strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset.

Trip: Guest Host Entrepreneur

Dates: August 8-12

Week 7: Spy Week

During Spy week children will learn how to become NY Smart Start secret spies.

Mathematical activities will teach children how to decipher codes and algorithms. Students will learn how to listen and follow directions with a series of auditory instructions.

Science activities will challenge students to open locks, read secret riddles, and many more spy-related topics.

History lessons will teach children about world famous spies.

English lessons will challenge children to create their own Spy Agent.

Music lessons will focus on musical pieces that have a suspenseful feel.

Trip: Spy Museum

Dates: August 15-19

Week 8: Detectives Week (Advanced)

This is our Advanced Detectives Week. Children will apply acquired knowledge from previous weeks to produce the best hypotheses for new cases.

English lessons will focus on some of the biggest mysteries of 20th century and question the veracity of different conclusions.

Children will explore multiple secrets pertaining to world history.

Science lessons will focus on mysteries that scientists are currently trying to solve. Students will be encouraged to draw their own conclusions based on their knowledge that they obtained from multiple sources.

Trip will be a Detective mission.

Dates: August 22-26

Week 9

Engage in a potpourri of activities of all thematic weeks of Summer 2022

Dates: August 29-September 2