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Academic Tutoring Center by NY Smart Start

Our school, NY Smart Start, is recognized as a testing center. Students have the convenience of attending some of the listed tests on premises.

  • We have been tutoring for 15 years
  • We have trained more than 300 students
  • All our teachers are certified in the area of their expertise
  • In-person and Remote classes are available
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Academic Tutoring Center by NY Smart Start
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Academic Tutoring and Testing
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Academic Tutoring and Testing

Our programs are exclusive to only a few students at a time, with a maximum of 6-10 students per group. Due to limited space and individualized attention to each student, we are able to produce great results.

Many students have been nationally recognized with special stipends, scholarships, and financial compensations.
Our statistical success rate is 92%, which means that on average 9 out of 10 students get accepted into a program of their choice.
Our students have been admitted to Gifted and Talented Programs, Specialized Middle schools, Specialized High Schools, and Top Ivy League Universities.

What is Academic Tutoring?

Academic Tutoring is available to all NY Smart Start students. The program is a great resource for students from Preschool thru College Level. Tutoring is offered in small group and individual settings. Each meticulously tailored class is taught by an educator who holds an educational background in his/her respective subject area.

Our Professional Academic Tutoring Services NYC allow for students to join lessons both remotely and in-person. Classes are offered at convenient times throughout the day, including weekends.

Our students report improvement within the first month of tutoring.

Why should you choose Academic Tutoring Services by NY Smart Start?

Our five-star reviews are a testament to the fact that we deliver results by assessing your child’s needs, creating a carefully tailored educational plan, facilitating the environment your child will need, and executing the plan in the most efficient way. Our private academic tutoring company values efficiency and success rate ratio; therefore, each student will have access to his/her tutor before and after class. This will allow each student to ask questions and receive 1-on-1 support the student may need whether they take classes at home or in person. We offer specific programs ranging from online academic tutoring programs to in-person workshops and classes.

Prior to the sessions, each student undergoes a diagnostic evaluation. The diagnostic reflects a starting point in our assessment of student’s learning styles, as well as areas of weakness. All students undergo a short game, interview-based instruction to allow for the professional to understand the type of learning style that fits the student best.

Upon completion of the diagnostic exam, students are offered a choice of tutoring environment that best fits their personality and learning style.
Each class, whether individual or group, is always accompanied by meticulous instruction, supplemental material, visual aids, and hands-on games.
Homework is always sent within the 24-hour span after the lesson. Our coaching team is always available by phone or email in case the student needs assistance. Our support services have gained international recognition as we aim to provide a solution to any academic weakness.

Our students rank top of their class in tests, competitions, Olympiads, and entrance exams.

If you are looking for an academic tutoring near you, both figuratively and literally, feel free to reach out.