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Astronomy Club

Club Purpose: Building the next generation of astronomers and space explorers is a rigorous process. It doesn’t happen in a few
days. Hence, we created Cosmic Kids Club, a learning solution to provide a deeper learning experience for children between 6 to
13. Through stress-free and engaging learning formats like storytelling & case studies, they explore the universe and learn about astronomy & space. The entire learning experience also helps them enhance competencies like creativity, analytical thinking, and problem solving.

Club activities include:

o Learning how to assemble, disassemble, and operate several different telescopes
o Using the telescopes for observation on clear nights
o Private viewings for club members
o Astronomy based games of bingo, jeopardy, etc.
o Field trips to the MOST and other places that show and promote astronomy
o Astronomy movie nights

o And just talking about general astronomy related things!

The club is open to all students’ grades K-8. We also host several telescope-viewing events (aka "star parties") every semester for major astronomical events, which are open to all participants.