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Classes are taught in small group settings or on an individual basis.
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  • Group classes cost $75 an hour
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Our intensive regents preparation crash course is March thru June. Each class is two hours in length.

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Course Description:

Regents Chemistry follows the New York State Regents syllabus and learning standards. This course involves an in-depth study of matter and energy focusing on a variety of areas, including the cell, biochemistry, animal and plant physiology, modern genetics, evolution, and ecology. In addition to classroom instruction, the student will be actively engaged in laboratory exercises, which play an integral part of the learning experience. This course culminates in a Regents examination.

Chemistry College Courses

The Chemistry of Art

A study of the chemistry underlying topics of interest to artists and art historians. Topics may include: papermaking; pigments, dyes, and binders; photography; glass and ceramics; metals; and printmaking. The course is designed for all students. Combined lecture and laboratory.

Units: 6

Mathematical Practices in Chemistry

As a chemist, an in-depth understanding of basic mathematical concepts, including numerical calculations, algebraic functions, and data handling, is necessary for success. This course offers the opportunity to explore the mathematical ideas needed to understand chemistry. In this course, you will practice mathematical ideas, apply them to chemical contexts, and explore common mathematical misconceptions. No chemistry background is required for this course.

Units: 3

Principles of Chemistry: Structure and Reactivity

Introduction to the basic principles of chemistry, emphasizing structures of chemical species (atoms, ions, and molecules), stoichiometry, the relationships between structure and reactivity, basic chemical models (gas laws, e. g.) and laboratory skills. This course will serve primarily to prepare students who have not had any previous (high school) coursework in chemistry for CHEM 116. Three lectures and one laboratory session each week. Students with high school chemistry should normally take 116 instead of this course. See the chemistry department’s web page for placement examination information.

Units: 6

Prerequisite: Placement examination

Principles of Chemistry: Energetics and Dynamics

Introduction to the study of chemistry, for students who have taken high school chemistry or CHEM 115, emphasizing structural and quantitative models of chemical behavior. Topics include bonding, thermochemistry, equilibrium, kinetics, and related applications. Three lectures and one laboratory per week. Enrollment is determined by placement examination for students who have not completed CHEM 115. See the chemistry department’s web page for placement examination information.

Units: 6

Prerequisite: CHEM 115 or placement examination

Organic Chemistry I

A study of the relationship between structure and function in organic compounds. Basic topics such as molecular orbital theory, conformational equilibria, stereochemistry, and nucleophilic substitution are covered. Students also learn to use instrumental analysis (NMR, IR, GC-MS) to identify and characterize compounds. One four-hour laboratory per week.

Units: 6

Prerequisite: CHEM 116 or 119 or consent of instructor

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What accreditations and certifications do your teachers and school have?

All of the teachers hold a certification and/or license in their perspective subject fields.

What are your stats?

Our statistical success rate is 92%, which means that on average 9 out of 10 students get accepted into a program of their choice.

Are online classes available?

In-person and Remote classes are available

How many students have you already prepared for their tests?

We have been tutoring for 15 years. We have had the pleasure of preparing more than 300 students over the course of these years.

Other information:

Our school, NY Smart Start, is recognized as a testing center. Students have the convenience of attending some of the listed tests on premises.