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Economics Tutoring

This course introduces basic economic concepts and institutions and their application in the American economy.

Classes are taught in small group settings or on an individual basis.

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Economics Course
Economics Course
Introduction to Economics

This course introduces basic economic concepts and institutions and their application in the American economy. The course focuses on economic decision-making processes of the consumer, business firms, and the government.

Contemporary Economic Issues

This course presents an introduction to economic analysis and policy. Several current economic issues and problems such as energy pricing and availability, environment, quality, inflation, unemployment, and poverty are discussed. The course teaches the importance of modern economic theory.

Economics of Health Care

This course provides an economic analysis of the U.S. health care sector. The demand for health and medical care, the delivery of medical services, and the economic aspects of selected health policy issues including National Health insurance, competition between medical care providers, medical cost inflation and public health programs are covered.

History of Economic Thought

A systematic study of the history of economic ideas from the pre-industrial era to the modern age is presented in this course. The intellectual and scientific contributions of the great economists are examined in the context of the prevailing social and economic institutions.

Principles of Economics

This course provides an introduction to the theory and analysis of the determination of levels of national income and employment, fluctuations of income, monetary and fiscal policy, inflation and growth.

Principles of Economics

This course introduces economic theory concerning the pricing of goods and services and the factors of production- land, labor and capital. The concepts and theories of competition, monopoly and other industrial structures are studied in detail.

Business and Economic Statistics

This survey covers methods to collect, analyze, and interpret data used in business and economic analysis. It provides emphasis on frequency distribution, measurement of central tendency and dispersion, probability theory, hypothesis testing, correlation and index numbers.

Personal Finance

This course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of personal financial management and planning. Principles of wealth accumulation, management and disposition are discussed. Specific topics include the economics of insurance and housing, pensions, investments, retirement and estate planning.

Understanding Economic and Business Data

Students are introduced to the language and vocabulary of economics and to the world of economic and business quantitative information in this course. The meaning and interpretation of essential economic terminology and business statistics are the central focus of this course. Emphasis is placed on the practical significance and uses of basic economic and business data. Computer literacy and applications are also covered.