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Algebra 2

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Algebra 2
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Algebra 2 Tutoring

Classes are taught in small group settings or on an individual basis.
Full year enrollment option:

  • Group classes cost $50 an hour
  • Individual classes $75 an hour

Our intensive regents preparation crash course is March thru June. Each class is two hours in length.

Total cost $799

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Algebra II Tutor in New York City

If you are seeking to find an Algebra 2 tutor in New York City, look no further than Academic Tutoring by NY Smart Start. Our algebra 2 courses will help your child understand, prepare, learn, and perform well on tests.

Before admission to the program, each student will undergo an evaluation. This diagnostic will help us determine the best class schedule to reach optimal results. Upon placement into algebra 2 courses, you will be given a choice of private algebra 2 tutor or small group algebra 2 courses. Moreover, both programs will be available both remotely and in person at our center.

The Best Algebra 2 tutoring

Please see an outline of topics covered in this course:

Preparation for Trigonometry / Algebra II Tests

  • Unit 1 – Basic Equations
  • Unit 2 – Linear Functions
  • Unit 3 – Linear Systems
  • Unit 4 – Matrices
  • Unit 5 – Quadratics
  • Unit 6 – Polynomial Functions
  • Unit 7 – Roots & Radicals
  • Unit 8 – Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
  • Unit 9 – Rational Functions
  • Unit 10 – Quadratic Relations
  • Unit 11 – Trigonometry
  • Unit 12 – Using Trigonometry
  • Unit 13 – Sequences & Series
  • Unit 14 – Probability & Statistics


  • Degrees
  • Radians
  • Unit Circle
  • Trigonometric Functions
  • Definitions of trig ratios and functions
  • Find the value of trig functions given an angle measure
  • Find a missing side length given an angle measure
  • Find an angle measure using trig functions
  • Fundamental Identities
  • Sum and Difference Formulas
  • Double and Half Angle Formulas
  • Sum Formulas
  • Sum to Product Formulas
  • Law of Sines and Cosines
  • Graph of the sine function (𝒚 = 𝒔in 𝒙) Graph of the cosine function (𝒚 = 𝒄os 𝒙) Key features of the sine and cosine function
  • Graph of the tangent function (𝒚 = 𝒕an 𝒙) features of the tangent function
  • Trigonometric Function using Technology

Crash Course:

Algebra 2 Training Program is the Crash Course version of the tutoring program, which takes place every March. This three-month course allows students studying for the Regents or Annual Examination to perform well in their mathematics class. Our talented teachers work diligently to ensure comprehension of the topics with interactive class and homework assignments.

Individualized Approach

This algebra 2 course is offered by our tutors, who cater to your child’s area of weakness. So whether you need help understanding a specific topic or resurfacing a knowledge gap – we are happy to accommodate you on this journey. Our tutors work with your child’s needs and learning styles to achieve results in algebra 2 courses.

Algebra 2 Courses near Brooklyn

Whether you are looking for help remotely or in South Brooklyn, NY we are here to accommodate and help. We strive to teach effectively.

Whether you need a course in math tutoring: algebra, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, or higher-tier mathematics- we are here to help. Select an option algebra 2 tutoring near me, to find out what areas we accommodate.

About us:

Our tutoring company is in its 15th year of successful graduation of students. Our graduates receive offers to Ivy League Universities, as well as top programs. Our programs are exclusive to only a few students at a time, with a maximum of 6-10 students per group.

Due to limited space and individualized attention to each student, we can produce great results. Many students have been nationally recognized with special stipends, scholarships, and financial compensation.

Our statistical success rate is 92%, which means that on average 9 out of 10 students get accepted into a program of their choice.

Our students are admitted to Gifted and Talented Programs, Specialized Middle schools, Specialized High Schools, and Top Ivy League Universities.

So whether your child needs assistance with Prealgebra courses or SAT II, or AP Calculus preparation– we are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What accreditations and certifications do your teachers and school have?

All of the teachers hold a certification and/or license in their perspective subject fields.

What are your stats?

Our statistical success rate is 92%, which means that on average 9 out of 10 students get accepted into a program of their choice.

Are online classes available?

In-person and Remote classes are available

How many students have you already prepared for their tests?

We have been tutoring for 15 years. We have had the pleasure of preparing more than 300 students over the course of these years.

Other information:

Our school, NY Smart Start, is recognized as a testing center. Students have the convenience of attending some of the listed tests on premises.